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Feed Cart - 550FC

The largest, strongest feed cart available to date has 8 cubic feet of storage space. It will hold a total of 240 pounds of feed, oats, sweet feed or any grain that you choose. Very strong dual lids cover three compartments. The large compartment will hold 120 pounds and the two smaller compartments will hold 60 pounds each. The convenient handle tray will house up to gallon size containers so you have easy access to your supplements.

The Sled -

The Sled makes manure removal a breeze for anyone. Slide it through the barn, even under fences then just tilt to dump. With The Sled you can pull bales of hay across the farm, all your muck tools, your feed supplies and endless convenient uses besides manure removal.

Utility Cart - 555UC

An easy to use and easy to clean muck cart that has many uses around the farm or stable. Manufactured with strong double wall polyethylene, this cart utilizes ten cubic feet to house up to 80 gallons. All the features of this cart are supported with two maintenance free wheels, with 300 pound capacity each. This very durable cart will give you many years of service.