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The Sled
The Sled The Sled The Sled The Sled

The Sled
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The Sled makes manure removal a breeze for anyone. Slide it through the barn, even under fences then just tilt to dump. With The Sled you can pull bales of hay across the farm, all your muck tools, your feed supplies and endless convenient uses besides manure removal.

One piece construction
Long 1/2" pull rope
Designed with handle holes on 2 sides
Strong polyethylene holds large amount of heavy manure
Two sides are low for easy dumping
Easy to muck pens, - No heavy tubs
Just slide under the panel and slide back
Pull your muck tools instead of carrying them
Easy to clean, easy to load in trailers
Very portable, takes little room in your truck
Just store away from direct sun in a shaded or cool place