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Mounting Block
Mounting Block Mounting Block Mounting Block Mounting Block

Mounting Block
Beveled Brass
Beveled Chrome
Save $28.00 ($98.00 ea) With our Two Pack Price @ $98.00 ea. Both Mounting Blocks do not have to be the same color. Choose any color for each Mounting Block.
Beveled Brass
Beveled Chrome
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An attractive new look to an old standard. This rugged "Mounting Block" is lightweight, strong and affordable. Easy to carry from place to place, this block is perfect for mounting, grooming or any barn or household chore. ** Personalize your Mounting Block by adding a Brass or Chrome Beveled Halter Plate on the front center lip of the Mounting Block.** As shown in the picture to the left.

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Available In:

Black, Burgundy, Granite, Green, Grey, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue


333MB - Mounting Block
- 15 1/2" H x 19 3/8" L x 15 1/2" W - 10 LBS.