The Essentials Package

The Essentials Package
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"The Rope Gate" The classic designed wood gate is finished with 4 coats of outdoor paint and the pickets have red cedar deck oil. "The Bridge" The only way to make a strong bridge is with 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 dry lumber. Unlike painted surfaces that will instantly chip, this bridge is coated with red cedar deck oil. This outdoor deck coating keeps the wood young for years. Two halves bolt together to create a 39" x 72" bridge for training or competition. "The Mailbox" The all weather PVC stand is reinforced at the base for added strength and capped off with a traditional metal mailbox at the perfect 60" height.

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1 - ROPE GATE (PR) - 34" W x 66" H (EA) - 55 LBS EA
1 - ROPE - 3/4" x 96" L - 3 LBS.
1 - BRIDGE - 39" W x 72" L - 96 LBS.
1 - MAIL BOX - 60" H - 18 LBS.