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Stone Column Wing Standards W/Track

Stone Column Wing Standards W/Track
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Stone Wing Both
Metal Track - Keyhole 60
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We've combined two Stone Columns with connectors to make majestic Wing Standards. Each column has a bottom plug making it easy to add sand for mandatory stability. Every Wing Standard has a Metal Keyhole Track for Pinless Jump Cups, add a second set of Metal Track to the opposite side of each standard making these perfect for an Option Obstacle.


Brown Stone Colors, Grey Stone Colors


10" x 34" x 68" Tall - Jumps To 5'3" - 48 Lb Ea.


Save $75.00 on each Stone Column Wing Standard by purchasing two or more. 
Price for one #742SC Stone Column Wing Standard (Pr) = $1,070.00. 
Purchase more than one Pair and the price is reduced to = $995.00 Per Pair.
If different colors are desired choose one color of Stone Column Wing Standards at a time and "Add to Cart". When in the shopping cart click on the Continue Shopping button to return to select your next Stone Wing Standard color and "Add to Cart". Your discount will then be reflected on the shopping cart.

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