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Hay Play Feeder
Hay Play Feeder Hay Play Feeder Hay Play Feeder Hay Play Feeder

Hay Play Feeder
This model is the "Standard" Hay Play Ball with 2 3/4" feeding holes.
Available with 2" holes for smaller animals.
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Hay Play is the new innovative way to feed your horse its daily forage intake! The Hay Play simulates a natural grazing position and is suitable for use indoor or outdoor for horses, ponies, donkeys, goats and sheep! This unique shape allows the Hay Play to be freely pushed around, but it won't run away down a slope. The Hay Play can also be used as boredom buster without having to feed your horse or pony any additional hard feed. Just stuff hay into the screw opening of this 16" round sphere and its ready for your horse to Play.

The HP-100 is the "Standard" most common Hay Play Feeder, it has 2 3/4" feeding holes. We now have the HP-101 which is available with smaller 2" feeding holes for smaller animals.


16" Diameter