Western Trail Gear - Burlingham Sports

Tired of the same old training course for riding? Has your track gotten too easy and predictable? Are you looking for a new way to learn to ride - one that can challenge beginners and veterans? Or just some new trail accessories for your next course, to spice things up a bit?


Burlingham Sports is here to help. We specialize in providing both new and veteran riders with exciting new trail accessories for their tracks. Our training accessories help keep your skills sharp while you ride, and also create a cost-effective way to keep your track looking unique and interesting.


When you shop for Burlingham Sports’ Western Trail accessories, you’re given a wide option of training accessories, props, and other items to choose from. These range from cosmetic props, like flower boxes, to more practical options like gates, bridges, and trail cones. We strive to create a catalog with the options that you want to see, and that means creating as complete a course as possible.


When our customers shop with Burlingham, they look for a quality product, at a fair price. Because we care about what we ship, we take several steps to ensure that all our training accessories are properly cared for. Each of our training course accessories is audited for quality before we list it on our catalog. We look at material quality, paint color, durability, and construction performance, to make sure that we’re able to ship you exactly the high-quality training accessories you’ve ordered.


Our trail items include accessories, such as cones and flower boxes, and trail packages. These trail packages are built to be a complete way to customize your riding course, offering full part sets for training.

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