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Tired of an unprofessional, lackluster riding arena? Need to upgrade your old dressage arena for your next riding event or training course? If you’re ready to make a change from your lackluster dressage arena, or you’re ready to set up your first dressage course, Burlingham Sports can help.


At Burlingham, we know how important it is to have customizable dressage pieces. Dressage is the apex of equestrian mastery, and your dressage arena should reflected the refined elegance of the sport. Burlingham’s customizable dressage pieces are designed to reflect the mastery of the skills displayed within them.


Our dressage arena kits are made up of gently colored block-and-rail systems. Each arena system can go together in dozens or even hundreds of different ways, and be assembled in minutes.



Burlingham also offers a variety of styles and formats for our dressage arenas, ensuring that we’ll always be able to provide an arena in exactly the style of your preference. These styles include sensible, basic packages for first-timers and just-starting arena owners, which are built to be affordable while still retaining the simple classiness that defines a dressage arena.


We also offer classic designs to help your dressage arena shine, with full-sized arena borders to look like they came straight out of a stadium! Burlingham is proud to offer products from both Premier Equestrian and our own line, for the distinguished rider. We offer options at all price points, and full kits as well as single pieces. Although we discourage mix-matching between kits, you can also facilitate your next dressage arena upgrade via smaller kits, to help spread your costs.


All of our customizable dressage makes use of an easy-to-assemble block and rail system, which allows it to be assembled in minutes. This system makes our dressage easy to use and store, and reduces your shipping costs while improving the flexibility of your course! The rails can be stored separately or together, and the lightweight pieces can be picked up and moved with relative ease.

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