Horse Track Jumps and Accessories - Burlingham Sports

Ready to start training for your next riding event? Mastering your basic riding skills, and looking for a new challenge? Want to test your riding performance in a way you’ll be able to properly measure?


Burlingham Sports is ready to help. We’ll provide you with an extensive selection of riding track jumps and other obstacles. Built for any course, our riding track obstacles can help improve your riding skills to a level you might not have thought possible. Our catalog can challenge the most veteran of riders, while still being adaptably friendly to newer, less experienced horsemen. Because of their adaptable design, these riding track jumps can also be used on nearly any track!


Our variety of riding track jumps ensures you’ll always have the customization options to keep your tracks fresh and interesting. Our jumps come in a wide selection of styles, allowing them to fit onto any riding course. And our track pole sare multipurpose, letting them be used for any of our jumps.


Burlingham sells a variety of riding track jumps, which extend beyond what our competitors offer. In addition to our walls and hurdles, we offer gates, jump standards, and more! Our catalog enables a complete selection of riding track obstacles, to test the full limits of your equestrian skill.


Finally, burlingham is proud to offer a small selection of decorative accessories. We know how important it is to personalize your track, and to stand out among your friends and competitors. Using the Burlingham Sports accessories, you can decorate your riding track jumps, setting you apart from your competition!

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